Supporting Partners

Supporting Partners

Generous funders and supporting partners make it possible for SECC to operate programs that engage young individuals in economic and personal development opportunities that instill an obligation to self, community and the natural environment. Whether it’s through grant support, program sponsorship, collaborative marketing or gear support, our funders and supporting partners are investing in the future of their communities and the environment.

Interested in becoming a funder or supporting partner? We’ll work together to develop a unique partnership that reflects our aligned missions and impact. To get started, email:

If you are interested in providing an individual donation to SECC please contact Brenna Kelly, or make a donation online.


“The SECC crew arrived with Pulaskis in hand. The professionalism and highly training field staff led the youth in numerous projects that resulted in a 25% cost reduction versus having to contract the same amount of work… all while employing local youth and instilling life-long job skills. Wow, this is hands down a fantastic new way of engaging youth in the outdoors, teaching valuable life and professional skills, while accomplishing conservation service in the Southeast.”
Matthew Henry (Ocoee – Hiawassee RD, AZ, US Forest Service)

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